International Freight

When it comes to finding the right international freight service to suit the needs of your business, Interglobal Freight Management are the experts you can rely on for a highly flexible and personalised solution. As an experienced team of international freight specialists, companies across Sydney and Melbourne will thoroughly enjoy the convenience and reliability of our locally based team.

From customs clearance to freight forwarding requirements, our professionals will be able to care of all the international logistics of your business. Not only will this ensure your business runs smoother, but I will also give you the time you need to prioritise other important aspects of your business.

International Freight Logistics Tailored To Suit Your Needs Across Australia

Whether you require abstinence with imports, exports or both, our team here at Interglobal Freight Management will be able to help provide you with the right boutique solutions to give you and your business a much easier and more reliable international freight solution. Companies in Melbourne and Sydney can rest assured our operation is unlike any other, as we believe in being available for you around the clock to ensure everything is running smoothly.

We understand that there is no one size fits all when it comes to freight solutions, which is why our specialists will work closely with you to develop the right service that suits your size and specific logistical requirements

Melbourne And Sydney Businesses Can Rely On Our International Freight Solutions

At Interglobal Freight Management, our strong global network in ports all around the world has made us one of the more trusted international freight businesses in Australia. From air, sea to road transport solutions, our team has you covered form start to finish.

ultimately, our priority here at Interglobal Freight Management is to help you manage, maintain and grow your business with a high quality and efficient international freight service. From small to medium sized businesses, our team is here for you.

Don’t want any longer to get in touch with the team here at Interglobal Freight Management to find out how we can help your business today! Give us a call on 1300 975 953 or send us an enquiry online here.

Our Services

Freight Management

No matter the size, origin or destination of your cargo, we have an extensive international and domestic freight network that has the expertise to move your products safely around the world. This includes  traditional import and export transactions as well as cross trade movements of cargo.

Customs Clearance

With Biosecurity and Customs accreditation and Brokerage licensing, we manage the clearance of cargo from Customs and other government agencies, for both import and export shipments.

Consultancy Services

We provide specialist advice on complex valuation and tariff matters and advise on internal governance and processes to ensure compliance with legislation.