About Us

At Interglobal Freight Management, our staff are the experts on overcoming obstacles and working towards providing you a seamless logistics experience, no matter how big or small. The tyranny of distance associated with global trade can often present many challenges, however our ability to analyse and provide solutions that best suit your specific needs is a trait that separates Interglobal Freight Management from other providers.

Our priority is to make the world of freight logistics smaller and more accessible to businesses engaging in global trade, giving you a platform that is based on helping you grow and expand your company both nationally and internationally.

Andrew Hegeman, Director

Prior to establishing Interglobal Freight Management, our director Andrew Hegeman had performed a wide variety of sales and senior management roles at various freight management organisations.

The experience he gained over the years eventually revealed an untapped opportunity to provide small to medium businesses with another option. This gap in freight management services and the ongoing loyalty of his closest clients encouraged Andrew to establish Interglobal Freight Management.

Along with his passion for the freight industry and meeting the demands of our growing operation, Andrew has also committed time to teaching Diploma of Customs Broking.

With a vision to become one of the leading freight solution providers in Australia, Andrew will continue to expand Interglobal Freight Management through exceptional management services.